M.K. EidsonHi, I’m M.K. Eidson, author, digital artist, and software developer. I’ve been writing stories since grade school, and started dabbling in digital art in the mid-80s, about the same time I started my software development career. My first technical job was with the National Security Agency, where I had a Top Secret clearance.

I enjoy reading good fiction, regardless of genre, but when it comes to writing, my joy is speculative fiction, primarily fantasy. My published writings to date have been shorter works, and many of them are out of print. I’m focused now on writing my debut fantasy novel, as that’s always been my dream. It’s going to happen.

I live in Florida with my wife and our little girl dog. Mary is a beautiful red-head, while Sibbie is a feisty Jack Russell Terrier. I was married once before, and have a transgender daughter, Alice, from that marriage. She lives in Seattle.